Church wedding songs
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Church wedding songs
One thing that the Catholic Church is specific about is church wedding songs played during the ceremony 🙂
Not to mention a Catholic Mass has very specific rules and regulations. From the words said at the ceremony to the readings, a Catholic wedding is very arranged.
As a result this limits some of your choices of church wedding songs.
There is no official list of Catholic church wedding songs, but it does have the requirement that songs are prayerful. The purpose of any Catholic liturgy, including a wedding liturgy, is to give glory to God by the worshipers.
So if you are choosing Catholic essentially, your choices are limited, but by following the rules, you can make sure your big day is completely in line with the Church.
Most priests would gladly offer suggestions for church wedding songs, but as long as the songs are religious in nature, they won’t be too tough on which ones are played.
However, you may be surprised to know that certain well known wedding songs  such as Here Comes the Bride or
Adele’s Make You Feel My Love most likely won’t be allowed !

A few examples of my favorite church wedding songs:

Here is our version of a beautiful Catholic Hymn “On Eagles Wings”
It is a a hugely popular Catholic hymn . Also It’s often used during Communion. Moreover Everyone’s mass-attending grandma will know this one, so it’s a nice nod to tradition.

Moreover If you love the sound of classical/traditional music, Ode to Joy would be more traditional , classically sounding one. it has religious lyrics.
Another popular processional church wedding song would be Come Thou Fount . You can find some modern versions of it on youtube and get inspired.
Another pleasant one is In Christ Alone. Sounds particularly well if you have a great violin player.
Finally my favorite one would be Ave Maria. There are so many different versions of this song . My favorite Ave Maria Aria is written by Vladimir Vavilov . More known ones are by Bach an Gounod.

Also during Communion itself, Amazing Grace works so well and we play that in a two different versions. For more ideas on songs for wedding ceremony go to my songlist


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