Church music
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Church Music

Dorotky Kent Professional Church Music Services includes:

Consultation – Dorothy will take you through every step of the ceremony to ensure you can fit your preferred church music into your big day.

An instrumentalist – accompanist –Dorothy works with a piano player or guitarist.

Instrumental background music – Dorothy always arrives in church one hour before the ceremony. Also her instrumentalist will play soft background music as your guests arrive. This creates a great ambience and sets a lovely tone for your wedding day.

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Roman Catholic Ceremony – Church music layout

A Catholic ceremony has many parts to it and music plays a very important role in decorating the liturgy. Remember to discuss your choices of church music with your priest before your wedding. Firstly he has to approve your choice of songs .

 Entrance Procession:

This accompanies the Bride as she walks up the isle.

Examples of songs: Nella Fantasia, She Moved Through the Fair, Songbird, To Make You Feel My Love

Candle Ceremony:

Usually an hymn is sung here. At the beginning of the mass, couple will light two candles, symbolizing your status as individuals. Sometimes your priest will ask you to light these candles straightaway after the Bride has reached the top of the aisle. In that case in this instance the Entrance music can be continued to cover the Candle Ceremony.

Responsorial Psalm:

This comes in between the First and Second Readings, in the Catholic ceremony the Gospel is the good news that God is restoring broken lives through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is essential that you choose an actual Psalm, for example: Mo Ghá Thú, On Eagles Wings.

 Alleluia/Gospel Acclamation:

This should also be sung when possible. This is after the Second Reading just before the Gospel, I have a few nice versions of it

Candle Ceremony:

Another hymn is sung here. Once you have said your vows and exchanged your rings you will light a candle.

It is very nice to use the same hymn as was used for the first candle ceremony.


Either an instrumental or a hymn, as the gifts are brought to the altar.

For example  Panis Angelicus, Gabriel’s Oboe, Ave Maria (Im singing 3 versions of Ave Maria and Vavilovs one is my favourite version )

Sign of Peace

At this point some quiet music is the best choice.


I would strongly recommend two pieces here.

Signing of the Civil Register:

I always recommend two songs/hymns to be sung here. Sometimes photograhers are really taking their sweet time in this part.

I would recommend non-liturgical pieces to be sung in this part as its generally not allowed to have such pieces during the mass itself. Always check with your priest to approve your songs.

Examples are: Fields of Gold, Angel: The Prayer, Songbird, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Wherever You Go.


This is almost always an instrumental ! it is a happy moment its good to get here and upbeat instrumental.

Enjoy planning and here is our extensive song list


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