civil ceremony
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Civil ceremony

Enhance your civil ceremony with your personal choice of music.

Civil ceremonies may be shorter, but are no less exceptional.

A Civil or Humanist Ceremony can be made very special by adding live  music to the occasion. Also there are many different types of civil ceremonies Humanist , Celtic and Legal .

Moreover a civil  ceremony is a non-religious legal marriage ceremony. It is performed by a government official or functionary.

Finally you will have greater leeway in the structure of the ceremony. In other words you can decide and where you would like music included.

Some celebrants prefer not to include liturgical music and may suggest you consider wine or sand ceremony . Also it can be sand or handfasting ceremony.


civil ceremonycivil ceremony





Moreover its good to know that in some offices you will be asked to confirm the readings /music for your ceremony

Have a chat with your celebrant and they will advise you on what structure its best to include. That way you can be sure of no stress on the day .

How to Select Music For a Civil Ceremony:

See below for an idea of where music can be added to create the most atmosphere at your service

Music – Entrance

– Opening Greeting by Registrar

– Music – Lighting of 2 candles

– Reading no 1

– Music

– Reading no 2

– Declaration

– Music

– Ring Ceremony

– Music – Lighting of unity candle

– Closing Greeting by Registrar

– Music – Signing of the Register (2 songs)

– Music – Exit

Our Civil Ceremony Repertoire…Have FUN choosing! 

Check our song list for more song ideas

here is a link to our recent civil weddings


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